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Spring at Rasamrita Kunj

Beginning from Vasanta Panchami (the first day of spring) the air in Rasamrita Kunj is filled with the aromas of happened and upcoming achievements:

Madhuvan, Kamyavan and Talavan buildings are already completed and occupied by many residents now. Very fast Rasamrita Kunj becomes desired destination for many devotees both living in Mayapur and those who are planning to settle in Mayapur in future.

During last monsoon season we planted good variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. Six months since then spaces between the buildings in Rasamrita Kunj turned into beautiful parks and gardens. In total we planted so far more than 350 trees, more than 5000 smaller plants and a lot of seasoned flowers which are in full bloom now. It will be very exciting to see all these trees and plants grown in a year by the next Gaura Purnima festival.

Main Gate is almost complete and looks gorgeous. Within few days entrance into Rasamrita Kunj will be shifted there. Along with the Main Gate very soon (within a week or so) we will have our Restaurant and Community Hall which will be functional until the Temple Building will be constructed.

Also we started developing recreation area which will include some sports facilities and playgrounds for kids.

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